OcuMend® Gel Pads in Indianapolis, Indiana

With cosmetic procedures growing in popularity, more patients than ever are seeking minimally invasive treatments to rejuvenate their look. A prime concern for many patients is down-time, which can be due to both bruising and swelling. While every effort is made to minimize these with both injections and surgery, when bruising and swelling do occur, they can limit a patient’s ability to get back to social activities and work. Fortunately for Indianapolis area residents, double board-certified facial plastic surgeon Mark M. Hamilton, M.D., F.A.C.S., now offers a way to minimize the bruising that follows cosmetic treatments at Hamilton Facial Plastic Surgery, located in Carmel and Greenwood, Indiana. OcuMend® gel pads are proven to reduce pain, swelling, bruising and discomfort with both injections and surgery. Our patients have noticed a real difference in their recovery with this product and their before and after pictures demonstrate the results.

OcuMend® Candidates

Candidates for OcuMend® gel pads include anyone who is considering facial surgery or an injection procedure and would like to minimize the amount of bruising, swelling and discomfort that they may experience. These pads are particularly suitable for patients who will be receiving injections of fillers or other facial treatments since down-time is a major concern with these treatments.

OcuMend® Benefits

OcuMend® gel pads can reduce the swelling, bruising and pain following a cosmetic procedure, drastically improving your overall recovery experience. You’ll be able to return to normal activity significantly faster with less concern for the need for cover-up or camouflage make-up.

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OcuMend® Gel Pads in Indianapolis, IN

OcuMend® Gel Pads FAQs

How Do OcuMend® Pads Work?

The pads contain two active agents: arnica montana and ledum palustre. The arnica works to reduce inflammation and bleeding and these pads contain 50 times the concentration of any other arnica-based product. Ledum palustre, also known as wild rosemary, acts alongside it to reduce inflammation. Once applied, these compounds work directly on the skin to dramatically reduce swelling and bruising.

Where Should The Pads Be Applied?

OcuMend® gel pads work best when applied directly to the injection site. If there are multiple treatment areas, multiple pads can be used or a single pad can be cut into pieces so that it can be spread over the entire region. Benefits of the pads are noted as far as six inches from their site of placement.

How Long Will I Have To Wear Them?

In most cases, you’ll need to wear two sets of pads for six hours each. The pads will be applied immediately after your treatment and you’ll wear them for the rest of the day before applying another set to wear overnight. The pads are only good for about six to eight hours, so wearing them for longer won’t increase the effect at all.

Are The Pads Uncomfortable?

No, not at all. They provide a cool sensation when applied to the skin, which most patients find pleasant after their treatment. They also leave no trace after removal, so you won’t need to worry about removing any sticky residue.

Can They Be Frozen?

OcuMend® gel pads should not be frozen since freezing can damage the compounds that prevent inflammation and bleeding. Many patients do find that refrigerating them can help to ease any post-injection discomfort even more and that is quite safe as long as they don’t actually reach the freezing point.

For more information on OcuMend® Gel Pads, Indianapolis, Indiana area residents should contact the Carmel or Greenwood office of Hamilton Facial Plastic Surgery.