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Juvederm® Volbella® in Indianapolis, Indiana

Juvederm® Volbella® is ideal for subtly reshaping and redefining your lips, and the residents of Indianapolis, Indiana can rely on Hamilton Facial Plastic Surgery, located in Carmel and Greenwood, for flawless Juvederm® Volbella® treatments.

What is Juvederm® Volbella®?

Juvederm® Volbella® is ideal when you want to subtly reshape and redefine your lips and facial contours, and Juvederm® Volbella® is safe because it’s the first FDA-approved filler able to provide effective correction of lip wrinkles, providing lip enhancement and rejuvenation that can last for up to a full year.

Juvederm® Volbella® in Indianapolis, IN
Juvederm® Volbella® in Indianapolis, Indiana

Like other Juvederm® fillers, Juvederm® Volbella® is made from hyaluronic acid (HA) allowing it to provide a silky and long lasting correction with a filler that is completely natural to your body. Because Volbella® has a lower concentration of HAs it is able to provide a much better correction of those very difficult to treat fine lines as well as creating a softer and suppler appearance for your lip enhancement. Recent research has also shown that 98% of people who have had Juvederm® Volbella® report that their goals for the appearance of their lips have been completely achieved.

Benefits of Juvederm® Volbella®

Volbella® is specifically designed for the treatment of your lips, and injections of Juvederm Volbella® are customized to perfectly plump up and improve a patient’s facial appearance through injection into your lips and the perioral area. Treatments with Volbella® are effective at adding volume to your lips and can be done in our office with minimal down-time. Because it is made from a significantly lower concentration of hyaluronic acid than other fillers, Volbella® is better able to correct those stubborn fine lines and wrinkles around your lip area. Furthermore, unlike other fillers, when placed superficially, Volbella® will not create a blue shadow, known as the Tyndall effect, and because of its low cohesivity, it is more likely to spread through the tissues rather than leaving a lumpy appearance. And with Volbella®, patients can expect less swelling than other HA fillers. In addition, its smooth and soft nature provides an ideal solution for flawless enhancement of your lips, and because Volbella® utilizes Vycross technology to provide a long-lasting correction, your improvements can last for up to one year. Volbella® is the only product available for lip line correction that is able to achieve this length and duration of correction. Since Volbella® contains Lidocaine, it is also very good at minimizing any discomfort you might otherwise experience either before or after your injection.

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Am I a Candidate for Volbella®?

You may be an excellent candidate for Volbella® if you experience fine lines in your upper and lower lips or around your mouth, or if you would like augmentation or enhancement of your lips, particularly for those patients lacking lip volume, or if you would like to achieve improved lip definition. Speak with Dr. Hamilton about any history of multiple allergies or severe allergies (such as anaphylaxis) that could affect whether or not you are a candidate for Volbella®. Also let Dr. Hamilton know if you take blood thinners such as aspirin, ibuprofen or Plavix.

Is Juvederm Volbella® Safe?

Volbella® is extremely safe, and in clinical trials with the FDA Volbella® demonstrated tremendous safety and effectiveness. In use since 2011 in Europe, where it has had an excellent safety record, Volbella®’s most common side effects tend to be swelling, bruising, tenderness, firmness, and lumps, but most of these are comparatively mild or moderate in intensity and resolve within 30 days.

Why Have a Juvederm Volbella® Treatment?

There are great reasons to undergo a Juvederm® Volbella® treatment at Hamilton Facial Plastic Surgery. The first thing that others notice about someone’s face is their lips, and today, with our youth-oriented culture people want to look their best all the time and rejuvenating your lips is fast, easy and economical with Volbella® rather than invasive plastic surgery.

The Juvederm Volbella® Procedure

The Juvederm® Volbella® procedure is not complex but does require a consultation with a thorough evaluation and discussion of your concerns and goals. This time includes reviewing your medical history and ruling out any contraindications to injectable fillers. The consultation is the best time for you to ask questions about Volbella®, including how long the results will last or potential complications. Dr. Hamilton and our advanced injectors have extensive experience with facial anatomy and know exactly where to inject Juvederm® Volbella® for the best results, and either Dr. Hamilton or one of our advanced injectors will be able to evaluate whether or not you are a good candidate for Juvederm® Volbella®, and if so, then your treatment can be done the day of your consultation or scheduled for another time. Patients typically arrive 30 minutes prior to a treatment session for the application of a numbing cream. A patient’s skin tissue is sanitized with an alcohol pad to eliminate pathogens before any treatments. In some cases, our advanced injectors will smooth the skin tissue near the injection site with gentle fingertip strokes to assist in dispersing the dermal filler. Injections can take less than 30 minutes. Ice may be applied prior to injection, and our advanced injectors will carefully place the Volbella® in such a way as to achieve the very best results, and your results can be calibrated for a more subtle or a more dramatic look depending on your personal preferences. You will be able to see the effects and enjoy your results immediately! Recovery following your injections is completely minimal, and patients may resume their regular activities directly after treatment. Make-up can be applied shortly after your treatment, although you should abstain from vigorous activities or exercise for 24 hours, in addition to also avoiding extreme sun, saunas, or steam rooms for the next two weeks. It is possible that after your injection you may experience mild discoloration, bruising, redness, itching, firmness or lumps, tenderness or swelling. In the unlikely event that you experience severe pain or discoloration, please contact our office. As soon as the procedure is over, you are free to continue with your normal activities at home or work, and most patients feel minimal discomfort.

How Much Does Juvederm® Volbella® Treatment Cost in Indianapolis, Indiana?

Cosmetic treatments such as Juvederm® Volbella® are not considered medically necessary, so your insurance likely won’t cover the price of the procedure. Costs associated with Juvederm® Volbella® vary from patient to patient. Please call Carmel or Greenwood office today if you have questions regarding the price of Juvederm® Volbella® treatment.

If you live in Indianapolis and you would like to improve the look of your lips, Juvederm® Volbella® can help by pumping up and plumping up your lips with no down-time. Contact Hamilton Facial Plastic Surgery in Carmel or Greenwood today to set up your consultation!