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MedSpa in Indianapolis, Indiana

With the hectic nature of today’s modern life, you definitely deserve a little pampering, relaxation and “me time”. At Hamilton Facial Plastic Surgery, with two convenient locations in Carmel and Greenwood, we offer our exclusive MedSpa range of services to help you feel rejuvenated and looking your very best. Led by double board-certified facial plastic surgeon Mark M. Hamilton, M.D., F.A.C.S., the MedSpa team of aestheticians and our advanced injectors have a unique line of MedSpa treatments for people living in and around the greater Indianapolis area.

What Is A MedSpa?

MedSpa is our unique name for a range of special procedures that will rejuvenate the skin, as well as the body and mind. At Hamilton Facial Plastic Surgery, we deploy a variety of cosmetic procedures that are virtually pain-free and minimally invasive.

MedSpa in Indianapolis, Indiana

Our pampered customers can relax in a pleasant environment as our team of professionals work to remove their stress, using special therapies, non-surgical treatments, injectable solutions and FDA-approved fillers to revitalize their skin, making them glow and look their very best.

How Much Do MedSpa Services Cost in Indianapolis?

MedSpa rejuvenation services are available as package treatments or as individual treatments. We accept cash, personal checks, and major credits. To find out more about how much the right MedSpa service for you will cost, please contact our office.

Benefits Of A MedSpa

Dr. Hamilton and his team will work with you to select exactly the right treatment that best suits your needs. Without the need for surgery, the team of aestheticians and our advanced injectors will apply one of our custom MedSpa treatments to give your skin a complete makeover. Clients love their visits to our MedSpa because our modern facilities and relaxing atmosphere have all been designed with comfort in mind. The full range of aesthetic MedSpa treatments are excellent for treating common issues, such as:

  • Sun damage
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Acne and skin blemishes
  • Scars

What Can I Expect from MedSpa Services?

All of our MedSpa treatments have one goal in mind: the health and rejuvenation of your skin. Our team of professional aestheticians and our advanced injectors will work with you to find the right age-appropriate treatment suitable for your needs so that you leave feeling happier, lighter and younger. MedSpa treatments are so advanced that even the people who know you best will never learn your secret, that you received one of our MedSpa rejuvenation services.

MedSpa Treatments Offered


Preparing for MedSpa Services

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of a MedSpa experience, do not hesitate to contact our office. After consulting with you about your goals and needs, Dr. Hamilton and his team will recommend exactly the right treatment. After that, it’s as simple as scheduling an appointment that will give you enough time to receive the rejuvenation services that you are interested in.

Recovery from MedSpa Services

There are some treatments that you may receive at our MedSpa that will require you to rest at home upon completion. When you schedule a consultation with Dr. Hamilton, he will give you all of the information needed regarding recovery time or aftercare procedures. When scheduling treatments for dermal fillers or other injectables, there is no recovery time needed.

What Will MedSpa Treatments Do For My Face And Body?

Hamilton Facial Plastic Surgery MedSpa treatments are recommended for:

  • Applying spa facials to improve skin health.
  • Treating wrinkles, fine lines and creases without surgery.
  • Fixing minor skin flaws, such as acne, scars, blemishes, spots or dryness.
  • Eliminating cellulite and stubborn fat deposits.
  • Treating vascular lesions and spider veins.
  • Correcting and enhancing the contours of your face.
  • Improving at-home skin care.
  • Removal of hair with spa waxing and laser treatments.

Are MedSpa Services Right for Everyone?

Regardless of your age or skin type, our team of professional aestheticians will design a MedSpa rejuvenation service to meet your needs. We will work with you to tailor your MedSpa services to meet your unique cosmetic goals, applying our advanced therapies in a private and relaxing environment. Many of our MedSpa services are also recommended in conjunction with other treatments, such as facial surgery procedures.

What to Expect During Your Consultation for MedSpa Services

All of our clients will initially meet with a licensed aesthetician or advanced injector, who will work with you to learn more about your goals and desires for improving your appearance. After analyzing your unique needs, he will recommend which MedSpa rejuvenation service can suit you best. At Hamilton Facial Plastic Surgery, we offer a range of rejuvenation services that can address UV damage, scarring, wrinkles, cellulite, spider veins, fine lines, creases, skin spots, irregularities in skin tone, blemishes, the effects of aging on the skin and more.

You will look and feel younger, refreshed and healthier with our full range of MedSpa rejuvenation services available at our office in Greenwood. If you’d like to learn more about how our team of professional aestheticians and our advanced injectors can help you improve your skin or contour your body, do not hesitate to contact Hamilton Facial Plastic Surgery today. For people in and around the Indianapolis area interested in learning more about the many benefits of MedSpa rejuvenation services, contact us today to schedule your personal consultation.

How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost in Indianapolis?

Hamilton Facial Plastic Surgery seeks to make facial surgery procedures available and affordable for everyone. To accomplish this, we accept cash, major credit cards and personal checks for rhinoplasty.

When Is The Best Time For Rhinoplasty?

Summer is a common time for nose surgery for a variety of reasons. Younger patients have time off for the summer allowing elective procedures. Nasal trauma more often occurs with outdoor activities requiring correction. Whether reconstructive or cosmetic, nasal surgery can improve your breathing, as well as your appearance.

Rhinoplasty Candidates

Cosmetic rhinoplasty involves reshaping the nose to better fit the face. This can involve making the nose larger or smaller, taking down a nasal hump, making the tip smaller or changing the size and shape of the nostrils. What is done during the procedure depends on your anatomy and goals and your physician’s evaluation. Prospective patients should wait until they are fully grown to have surgery, which is typically around 17 for females, 18 for males.

Repair of nasal trauma can involve correction of deformities of the nose due to trauma, as well as straightening the inside and out to improve breathing. Some of the same techniques that are utilized in cosmetic nasal surgery are used for correction of nasal and septal fractures.

Lastly, nasal surgery can be done to correct breathing. This may involve just straightening the septum (wall inside the nose that separates the two nostrils and their airways) or building up the structure and support of the nose (think internal breathe right strip) for better breathing. Like nasal trauma, insurance can often help with functional nasal surgery.


What to Consider when Planning your Rhinoplasty Consultation