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Viora V10 in Indianapolis, Indiana

Viora V10 Skin Tightening from the Greenwood office of Hamilton Facial Plastic Surgery is ideal for those Indianapolis residents who require skin rejuvenation to reclaim their youthful appearance, and to turn back the hands of time.

What is Viora V10 Skin Tightening?

The Viora V10 Skin Tightening procedure utilizes RF energy to stimulate existing collagen and elastin fibers, to enhance collagen secretion, and to improve your skin’s elasticity over time. From your very first treatment, collagen fibers are contracted, giving an immediately firmed and tightened appearance, as the applicator delivers radiofrequency energy directly to the underlying layers of your skin. The procedure works to strengthen existing collagen fibres, but it also improves skin laxity, saginess, and texture.

Viora V10 in Indianapolis, IN

Viora V10 in Indianapolis, Indiana

How Much Does Viora V10 Skin Tightening Cost in Indianapolis, Indiana?

Your Viora V10 Skin Tightening treatment at Hamilton Facial Plastic Surgery will be completely customized to help you achieve significant improvements in terms of your specific skin imperfections and cosmetic flaws, so your cost for Viora V10 Skin Tightening will vary based on your specific needs. Hamilton Facial Plastic Surgery takes tremendous pride in working with you to help you obtain the appearance you desire, and we seek to make Viora V10 Skin Tightening available and affordable for everyone. To accomplish this, we offer other forms of payment.

What are the Benefits of Viora V10 Skin Tightening?

When you look in the mirror, do you see someone older than you feel? Are the effects of aging and gravity taking their terrible toll on your formerly youthful skin? Viora V10 Skin Tightening treatments are suitable for the face, such as the jowls, cheeks, brows and the sensitive skin of your neck and around your eyes, and they can help you really restore a more youthful look.

Who is a Candidate for Viora V10 Skin Tightening?

With time and age, our skin’s elasticity decreases quite naturally, as blood flow to our skin surface cells drops off in intensity from the levels of our youthful days of yore. Do you want to improve the appearance of wrinkles, cellulite, and other aging issues? Viora V10 Skin Tightening utilizes RF energy to stimulate your existing collagen and elastin. Using bipolar RF energy, we can heat the dermis and stimulate increased blood circulation. You can often see the difference in your face straight away, as your face will appear tighter, firmer, and plumper. A course of treatments is advised to have a long lasting effect, and with improved blood flow to your skin, there is a tangible and significant improvement in your complexion, resulting in a smoother and tighter appearance.

What is Procedure for Viora V10 Skin Tightening?

The Viora V10 Skin Tightening treatments are pain-free, and there is no down-time. The procedure utilizes RF energy to assist in breaking the rigid collagen cross-links that can cause wrinkles, while simultaneously working to strengthen your skin’s elasticity and to enhance your collagen secretion over time. The applicator incorporates an integrated cooling mechanism, and during the treatment that creates a safe environment for the protection of the epidermal layer, while focusing the heat on your underlying tissue for maximal effectiveness. The procedure is suitable for areas of the face including your jowls, cheeks, and forehead, as well the sensitive areas around your eyes, neck and décolleté, and by reducing local fat volume in the cheeks and chin areas, contouring your jawline, as well as tightening skin around the lower face and neck, you can turn back the effects of time with Viora V10 Skin Tightening treatment from Hamilton Facial Plastic Surgery.

Viora V10 Skin Tightening treatments address your wrinkles while contouring your face for a more defined look. At Hamilton Facial Plastic Surgery, our aestheticians provide Indianapolis patients with exceptional skills and results that last. For more information on Viora V10 Skin Tightening or to schedule a private consultation at Hamilton Facial Plastic Surgery’s Greenwood office, please contact us today!