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Hamilton Facial Plastic Surgery
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I’ve had some Botox and Juvederm for the last several years, and more recently Dr. Hamilton did Z-plasty to correct a scar on my upper right eye area.  The procedure wasn’t painful, it was very comfortable.  I feel very much at ease with Dr. Hamilton and I just have the greatest respect for him.  I have never talked to anyone who had a negative experience with him.  He will be the physician of my choice for everything.


I go to Dr. Hamilton every six months for Botox and Juvederm, and his services are excellent.  I had Juvederm done at my dermatology office about five years ago and it seems to last longer and work better with Dr. Hamilton’s office.  He is very professional and takes good care of his patients.  He will fix what you need, no questions asked.  And the staff is really knowledgeable.  I recommend him all the time.


I did a Google search in Greenwood, Indiana and came across Dr. Hamilton.  I was impressed with the information about his practice so I came in for a consultation.  The consultation was thorough and informative and I appreciated his time.  TheBotox and Juvederm came out exactly as they talked about.  It lasts long and it changes your face.  I haven’t been impacted too much by the side effects or anything and have little bruising.  They are wonderful with the follow up there.  It’s a great office.

Greenwood, Indiana

I felt that Dr. Hamilton had my best interest in mind when I went in for a consultation for a Faceleft. His work is of the highest quality, and his patient’s love him. It’s more than just a procedure with him…I don’t feel this is always true with other doctors. The results are just wonderful.


I started out with Dr. Hamilton several years ago for Botox, and then three years ago I had an Upper and Lower Eyelid and a Neck lift.  Now I keep going back for Microdermabrasion and different skin care procedures.  Dr. Hamilton is so precise and he exudes confidence.  He is always so easy to talk to and he does not let me down, that’s why I keep coming back to him.  The best part of these procedures is that nobody even comes close to guessing my age.


Dr. Hamilton is very complete.  He’s thorough, kind and professional.  I felt that what he showed me he would do was understandable, and he answered my questions about what I wanted to know.  I had a Mini Facelift, as well as Botox and fillers at the surgical center and everything was wonderful.  I told him that when I wake up in the morning and look in the mirror I say, “Good job Dr. Hamilton.” I wound up looking like I feel on the inside.  He’s really talented and he’s got a gift. I mean, he is just the best.


Dr. Hamilton was the best doctor I found in Indiana to do a Rhinoplasty.  The results were what I expected and everything went very well.  He constantly asked me if I liked it and has been very helpful throughout the whole process.  He has been a great doctor- very nice and easy to talk with.


When I went to Dr. Hamilton I originally was focusing on my neck. I appreciated that he was sincere in his opinion of what I needed.   He pointed out AND made one of my best improvements by showing me what I needed was my lower eyelids not my upper eyes. He could have taken advantage of me by doing upper lids but was sincere in his opinion.  Since Dr. Hamilton focuses on just the face, I chose him for that reason – and he is just an artist.

I was also concerned that people would judge me for wanting cosmetic surgery but didn’t get that from the office staff as everyone made me feel at ease.

RB, Carmel IN

I have a testimonial that I am very pleased with both the results and the personal and professional manner of Dr Hamilton. He removed a cancer the size of a large grape from below the left eyelid of my 91-year-old mother. The surgery went even better than we had imagined. I would certainly recommend him to anyone; family and friends alike. Not only is he an excellent plastic surgeon, he takes the time to talk to every patient and makes sure every question and concern they have is fully addressed.

Terre Haute, IN

Dear Dr. Hamilton,

Hamilton Facial Plastic Surgery

I’m very pleased with the CO2 laser resurfacing of my facial skin. Am following your directions of cleaning and lubricating the skin six times a day. As times passes, I’m sure my ‘new skin’ will look and feel as smooth as a babies.

Thank you for recommending the procedures and doing it so thoroughly and beautifully. (You should have your hands insured by Lloyds of London!)

Yours truly,

Terre Haute, IN

Around 10 years ago I started noticing that, whenever I was in public, complete strangers would pass me by and say, “SMILE!” or, “CHEER UP!” At first I didn’t understand why people were saying that and it would frustrate me because on the inside I was dancing with unicorns! Then I realized it was my heavy brow that was making me look mad or unhappy. So I started lifting my eyebrows whenever I was around people. The good news is, the comments stopped. The bad news is, it was EXHAUSTING! Both mentally and physically. And I did this for 10 years!

Enter Dr. Hamilton. And my awesome experience.

I was shopping about a week after surgery (you KNOW I was looking good!) and all of a sudden I felt a rush of … what? Relief (BIG relief), ease, comfort, satisfaction, contentment, relaxation … yes. All of these. Here’s why:

I noticed that, as I was walking by people, I wasn’t having to raise my eyebrows! It was completely liberating! I could just LET GO and FEEL RELAXED knowing that I didn’t look angry! Let me tell you; that first moment of awareness is one that I will remember for a looooong time. Awesome. Truly awesome. I’ve been in public quite a bit since, and every time it’s a completely stress-free experience!

A million thanks to you Dr. Hamilton, for making what I feel on the inside reflect on the outside!

Indianapolis, IN

I had always struggled with the appearance of my weak chin and as I got older it became more noticeable and concerning to me. I had heard excellent comments about Dr. Hamilton and given his dual training in ENT and facial plastics, I made an appointment to get his opinion on my chin. His office staff was warm and approachable. Dr. Hamilton and I discussed options and he attentively listened to my concerns. My surgery, which involved a chin implant and liposuction, was scheduled within weeks of my first office visit. The surgery was flawless and within 2 weeks I was feeling back to my old self but with a brand new appearance. I was immediately pleased with the results and as each day passes I am more confident I made the right choice to have the surgery. What I never doubted was the ability of Dr. Hamilton and I have been so pleased with his surgical talent and warm personality. I would highly recommend his physician services for anyone considering a facial surgery.

Indianapolis, IN

Years of sunning, tanning beds, and generally not taking proper care of my skin caught up with me by the time I was in my mid-40’s. Skin cancer on my face finally convinced me that it was time to stop torturing my skin. Since part of my job responsibility is doing TV commercials, I wanted the very best facial plastic surgeon in the Midwest to perform the reconstruction. Luckily, I was referred to Dr. Mark Hamilton. From that day forward, I have become a regular patient as he performs various
nonsurgical procedures to improve my facial features. Not only is he talented, I totally trust him to provide the best care for my face. I tell people all of the time to be sure to see Dr. Hamilton before having any facial procedure. Why put your face and your trust in anyone else?

Terre Haute, IN

I love the results of Dr. Hamilton’s Botox injections. His technique is unparalleled. He has the ability to take my 55 year old face and erase frown lines and crows feet, making me a very happy lady! It is pain-free and takes no more than ten minutes for approximately four months of bliss!

Thanks Dr. Hamilton!

Indianapolis, IN

I’m writing to praise how Dr. Hamilton took me from a plain Jane to a more confident woman. I was an extreme makeover and I had numerous surgeries. Dr. Hamilton performed a facelift, upper & lower eye surgery; he took a lot of loose skin off of my face and neck from aging and tremendous weight loss. I would not trust anyone else to touch my face. He was very caring and understanding and his staff was just wonderful. He made me into a very attractive woman who has a lot more confidence in herself with her looks. Again, Dr. Hamilton, thank you so much for what you have done for me and giving me more confidence in myself and my looks.

Thanks again,

Nineveh, IN

Hamilton Facial Plastic Surgery is a wonderful experience. Dr. Hamilton and Michelle, his aesthetician, are professional and very skilled. The office staff is friendly and welcoming. Two years ago I would have said that I would never visit a plastic surgeon’s office. Since then, I have had both Juvederm and fillers, have had 4 microdermabrasion treatments, and use Kinerase products faithfully every day. Even I have to admit that my skin looks a great deal better than it has for years. My only regret: That I did not realize sooner in life that Dr. Hamilton and staff could make such a difference in my appearance.

Franklin, IN

I never considered myself lucky, but all of that changed in the spring of 2006. It began when I won the Indianapolis Woman’s Dream Makeover Contest. I never expected to win and to this day I am not sure why I was chosen. But, that was just the beginning of my luck. Immediately after I was announced as the winner, I was introduced to Dr. Hamilton and his wonderful staff. From the very beginning of my experience with Hamilton Facial Plastic Surgery, I felt welcomed, safe and in good hands.

Everything was happening very quickly. At my first consultation, Dr. Hamilton help me decide what we were going to be doing and professionally guided me through my decisions. He and his staff were kind, caring and totally professional. To say I was in shock when I found out I would be having an 8-½ hour surgery in less than two weeks is an understatement. Dr. Hamilton and his staff helped me through all of the details.

I followed Dr. Hamilton’s pre and postoperative directions to the letter. I had very little bruising or swelling. Less than two weeks after surgery, I was able to attend my daughter’s college graduation reception. I didn’t even need to use the big sunglasses I had purchased before the surgery.

Every morning, when I look in the mirror, I am so please with what I see. The face and especially the eyes that look back at me are 20 years younger that they were before I was lucky enough to have Dr. Hamilton as part of my Makeover Team.

Thank you Dr. Hamilton!

Your patient and friend,

Greenwood, IN

Dear Dr. Hamilton,
I World like to thank you for treating with botox for my TMJ. The injections have been a success for pain relief, overall better function and improved bite force for my jaw. I am so glad that I have had the opportunity to be patient of your.

Your attention to detail always impresses me. You are always precise when it comes to the location of each injection site. Your knowledge of how the all of the facial muscles work helps me feel comfortable and confident during the procedure.

I have always had great aesthetic results when treated by you. Now, I have pain relief that I have lived with over the last ten years from my tmj problems.

Your staff has always been professional and courteous every time I visit or call into the office. It is nice to know all of you care about each patient in your practice. Thank you for your excellence in treating me. It is greatly appreciates.


Indianapolis, IN

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