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Sculptra® in Indianapolis, Indiana

If you’re in the Indianapolis area and seeking a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that provides long-lasting natural-looking results, consider Sculptra®, an injectable filler treatment provided by Hamilton Facial Plastic Surgery, located in Carmel and Greenwood.

Sculptra® in Indianapolis, IN

What Is Sculptra®?

Sculptra® is an FDA-approved injectable filler that can produce amazing results after just one appointment. This product is designed for patients that are experiencing a loss of skin volume and elasticity due to low levels of collagen. When administered by an experienced specialist, patients will often see improvements for up to two years as their skin tissue is restored.

Benefits of Sculptra®

When compared to many other fillers, the primary benefit of Sculptra® is the longevity of the results. Patients that choose alternative fillers might need additional maintenance injections in as little as six months. Those that receive Sculptra® injections, however, will be able to enjoy their youthful new appearance for two years or longer.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Sculptra®?

Almost any adult patient that has noticed wrinkles, lines or a loss of volume on their face will make an ideal candidate for this treatment. Sculptra® is an alternative to facelifts and other surgeries that often require three or more weeks of recovery.

How Should I Prepare For Sculptra®?

During your consultation, you will need to tell our nurse injector about any allergies or other medical conditions you have that could affect the injections. You will also need to inform the nurse of any medication that you are taking or recent injections you have received. All patients should avoid alcohol and anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as ibuprofen and aspirin for at least three or four days before their treatment.

How Is Sculptra® Administered?

The nurse injector will begin your treatment by first applying a topical anesthetic to the injection sites so that you feel absolutely no discomfort. Once the sites are completely numb, the nurse will then inject doses of Sculptra® just under the outermost layers of skin. Some patients do require one or more treatments to achieve their cosmetic goals.

How Much Does Sculptra® Cost In Indianapolis?

Sculptra® is a cosmetic treatment, which means that it will generally not be covered by your health insurance. Hamilton Facial Plastic Surgery accepts a wide variety of payment options including personalized financing plans. Our office also accepts checks, cash and all major credit cards.

With offices in Carmel and Greenwood, Hamilton Facial Plastic Surgery is proud to serve residents throughout the Indianapolis area. Please feel free to contact us today and schedule your own appointment to see if Sculptra® or any of our other dermal fillers may be right for you.