What is the Best Non-Surgical Alternative to a Facelift in Indianapolis, IN?

Facelift in Indianapolis, INWhile we are still looking for a credible non-surgical alternative to a facelift, there have been several technical advances in the past 5 years that have improved your options. That being said, most patients will need to consider undergoing more than one kind of treatment to get results anywhere near comparable to a facelift. Below we have listed some of the most popular and effective non-surgical facelift alternatives.

RF Microneedling
Fractional radiofrequency (RF) microneedling is a cutting-edge skin rejuvenation technique that we have previously discussed in our blogs. It involves combining tiny needles (microneedles) with RF energy to tighten and add volume to the skin. Because the needle marks heal quickly, there is minimal downtime associated with the procedure.

For our RF Microneedling treatments, we have started using what we feel is the most effective device – the Syneron Candela Profound®. This device has been shown to provide visible tightening in one treatment 100% of the time. I can think of no other device that has achieved this. It is also the only FDA-approved device in its field. Lastly and most impressively, it has shown in studies to achieve on average 30% of the tightening of a traditional facelift.

The new FaceTite™ procedure is another minimally invasive way to achieve skin tightening without surgery. As discussed in our previous blogs, this treatment can be combined with liposuction for great results in those not ready for a full facelift. Unlike the other options here, FaceTite™ does require a little more downtime and is done in a surgical suite.

Injectable Fillers
Most patients often experience some volume loss with aging, and treating this with injectable fillers can be beneficial.  Fillers are primarily used to camouflage visible signs of aging- softening jowls and filling creases. We can also use fillers to provide some lift- by filling up the volume loss just as you would with a balloon. While injectable fillers are only a partial solution, combined with other techniques they can provide a nice alternative to surgery.

Skin Rejuvenation
Lastly, improving the skin can simulate some of what a facelift achieves. Smoothing the skins’ surface and removing creases will give you a more refreshed appearance. With resurfacing techniques such as laser and chemical peels, we can achieve in the office some of what is achieved after surgery. Which technique is right for you depends on your skin and the signs of aging that are occurring.

The best technique for avoiding a facelift is probably a combination of the above. Selecting the right ones for you starts with contacting us and scheduling a consultation with one of our aestheticians, nurses, or Dr. Hamilton.