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Living in the Midwest, there is one thing we can rely on with sunshine: 100% unpredictable!! So, as Hoosiers, we’ve become accustomed to this “ALL IN” mentality and will spend every second soaking up the sun and all it’s glory every time our bright buddy’s rays come out to greet us. Since these beloved golden beams seem to be few and far between in our neck of the woods, you better believe that the patients of the MedSpa at Hamilton Facial Plastic Surgery will be fully prepared. We are here to provide you with the tools and knowledge it takes to keep our sun-loving patients secure and protected. As always, we highly recommend being seen routinely for our customized in-office treatments to ensure your skin is properly exfoliated, hydrated, and nourished with your antioxidant of choice. Antioxidants will actually multiply the effects of your SPF beyond what it can do alone. Ask your aesthetician which one is best for your regimen. Healthy skin will function at it’s best and protect the investment of quality product purchases. Now just grab your wide brimmed hat, drink lots of water, apply your sun protection 15-30 minutes prior to sun exposure, and always: Reapply, Reapply, Reapply. See below for some insight into how setting and layering your sun protection is so easy and will aid in preventing cell damage while keeping your skin looking flawless in the bright sunshine.

What to Use…

Starting with the all-in-one star of the show: Superscreens! A superscreen has multiple functions to protect, treat, and hydrate the skin. SkinMedica Superscreens even have a tinted option for those who prefer the added coverage. The SkinMedica Total Defense and Repair Superscreens also happen to be the ONLY SPF option on the market that can defend the deepest parts of the skin refracting the Infrared rays that can be just as damaging as the dreaded wrinkle inducing UVA & UVB rays that we’ve all come to know.  If you’re not one to spend much time on your daily routine, these superscreens are for you, as you won’t need a serum and or moisturizer underneath the product. Apply and go! Here are Superscreen options:

SKM Total Defense and Repair SPF 50

This SkinMedica award winner is at the top of the list because it is the most potent armor for our true sun worshipers… boaters, runners, golfers, lake dwellers, and those who own a pool or love to garden. If you’re out in it every day or close to it, this is for you! SPF 50 will last up to 500 minutes and this one has an added bonus of being water/sweat resistant for up to 80 minutes.

SKM Total Defense and Repair SPF 34

Next up are the SPF 34 versions of TD&R. One tinted and one not, both of them melt into your skin like butter and make the perfect base for a fun day where you may find yourself in and out of the direct sun. As mentioned above, the entire TD&R line within SkinMedica includes Infrared protection, a great dose of antioxidants, and hydration. What other product can do all that at once, giving patients security through medical grade, high quality nourishment and protection? Choose the TD&R 34 to achieve the skin confidence you deserve!

SKM Essential Defense

The following options from SkinMedica are simple and to the point sun protection.  After cleansing the face and applying your antioxidants of choice (ask your aesthetician), use these clean and cosmetically elegant products to fight off the damage from both UVA and UVB rays.

SKM Essential Defense Everyday Clear 47

This is a specialty product with oily acne patients in mind. Most breakout-prone faces can only tolerate powder sunscreens…until now. This sunscreen contains niacinamide – a natural anti-inflammatory combatting raised texture and redness, with a fierce dose of SPF at 47! It is well-known that topical acne treatment creams contain photo-sensitizing ingredients that will increase your burn risk, making a great sunscreen a top priority.  So, if you’ve got acne or excessive oil, this is for you!

SKM Essential Defense 32 & 35

Next up are the only two physical-only sunscreens. The tinted version is SPF 32 and the sheer comes in at 35 SPF. Our main contenders for these mineral favorites are going to be those who frequent the MedSpa for chemical peels, dermaplanes, IPL, microneedling, laser hair removal, or any other treatment that will trigger temporary sensitivity in the sun.  The titanium dioxide and zinc oxide will protect you from the sun and will also help to calm the skin while speeding up the healing process in between treatments.  ** An excellent everyday sunscreen for the majority of our patients.

Finishing Products:

Jane Iredale

If you’re into bold sun protection but also want a polished look while you’re soaking up the rays, look no further than our tried and true go-to physician dispensed makeup and skincare line.  All Jane Iredale products are free of harsh chemicals and cheap filler ingredients that can be found in your high-end department store brands as well as your OTC pharmacy brands.  Your base SPF should be either: one of the SkinMedica options listed above,  Jane Iredale Dream Tint SPF15 or Jane Iredale Glow Time full-coverage BB Cream SPF25. Circling back to the layering and setting options we mentioned earlier:

Next you would add any foundation you may be wearing for the day.  Our two best options the Jane Iredale Loose Powder “Amazing Base” or “Pure Pressed” compact powder foundation. Each of these will not only add a finishing touch of sun protection but will also aid in keeping your lotion sunscreen set in place – resulting in flawless, portrait-ready skin!

We have saved the best product for last… drum roll… Jane Iredale Powder Me SPF! Everyone should own this product.  It comes in translucent, golden, or tanned and is the best option for reapplying. A quick lesson of the importance of reapplication of SPF can be as simple as this: multiply the number of SPF x 10 and that number is the amount of minutes you will be protected. Example, you apply your SPF 20 in the AM and by the time you hop in your sun filled car to grab lunch or head to the next meeting or task, you’re back to SPF zero… So, what do you do? Wash off all your makeup and lotions to reapply more cream then redo your makeup? No! Keep one of these adorable little nuggets (includes an attached mirror and sponge) of sun shielding goodness on you at all times and add it right on top of your makeup or tinted moisturizer! There’s no excuse to come home with a sunburn or added damage when you’ve got your little “Powder Me” at your fingertips at all times. Bonus, it doubles as a mattifying powder!

In conclusion: You’d be doing your skin and self a complete disservice by not protecting from the oxidation and harmful aging factors of the sun.  Welcome all the sun with open arms because you know we at the MedSpa at Hamilton Facial Plastic Surgery, have got you! Pop in any time to grab yours, or call the office to have it shipped!