It’s Time to Love Your Lips

Lip Augmentation in Indianapolis, INAs we embrace the month of love, we’re literally faced with hugs, hearts, and lipstick kisses. With all this emphasis on eye-catching lips, if your pucker isn’t exactly what you envisioned, why not explore lip and perioral (around your mouth) enhancement? 

Did you know your skin loses collagen as you age? The skin on your lips is no different. The loss of collagen, a key structural protein that provides firmness to your body tissues, affects the appearance, fullness, and shape of your mouth. If you’ve smoked or have been exposed to lots of sun, you’re even more likely to suffer negative effects on your lips.

You may also be concerned about conspicuous, excessively large or protruding lips, dehydrated or downturned lips, lines on your upper lip, lost shape and volume, or poorly defined border around your lips.

These damaging impacts and unwanted appearances to your lips can leave you feeling undesirable and less than sexy. That’s no way to spend the Season of Love!

Now’s the time to look, feel, and kiss at your best with lip injections, laser resurfacing for perioral rhytids, lip augmentation with lip implants and lip lifts. So many options to love your lips! Dr. Mark Hamilton, M.D., F.A.C.S., and his team will work alongside you to select the right treatment that best suits your needs and desires to give you incredible lips.

For example, as a cosmetic procedure, lip augmentation improves the way your lips look making your lips fuller and appear plumper. Dr. Hamilton can perform lip augmentation on the lower lip, upper lip or both at the same time by changing specific characteristics of your lips including their shape, structure, and volume. Different methods exist for achieving lip augmentation including lifts, implants, and injections, all ultimately enhancing your appearance.

An option that may be right for you uses injectable dermal fillers to enhance your lips and make them fuller. Injectable fillers can provide a plumper pout and decrease any fine lines and wrinkles that are around your lips. The amount of filler used for your lips will depend on how much augmentation or enhancement you want. And, Dr. Hamilton only uses the best fillers. We’ll go ahead and name drop a few here including Juvederm Ultra, Restylane L and Juvederm Vobella.

Effective in increasing the fullness, kissability, lusciousness, and youthfulness of your lips, injectable dermal fillers are also fast and simple. You’ll love how quick the treatment is – only a few minutes and there is just a wee bit of downtime! Another perk? Fillers don’t require anesthesia, incisions, or sedation. To make you absolutely comfortable, a topical anesthetic can be applied to reduce the potential of any discomfort.

Maybe you’ve taken the first step toward fuller, more alluring lips with a dermal filler, but you feel ready for a solution that won’t require those periodic touch-ups? In this case, PermaLip™ fillers, an advanced solution for permanent lip augmentation that looks and feels natural, may be recommended. PermaLip as a safe, proven option for youthful lips without the limited timeline of injectable treatments.

Last but not least, another option to explore for kissable lips is the lip lift. This may benefit younger and younger-at-heart individuals alike. In younger people, the lip lift may be leveraged when fillers might not be the best option for the goal you want to achieve. The lift gives the upper lip a lighter and more defined appearance with greater volume. As aging occurs, the upper lip loses volume and increases in length. When performed on more mature individuals, the lift offers a more youthful facial balance and sensuality around the mouth. It also works wonders for improving lost lip volume as well as lipstick bleed lines and wrinkles.

So, here’s your Valentine invitation. Show yourself some love, because the lips of an angel are waiting for you at Hamilton Facial Plastic Surgery. XOXO

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