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There’s a new filler you should know about, Juvederm Vollure

Juvederm, IndianapolisJuvederm Vollure has recently been added to our family of facial fillers. This may seem to add to the confusion of what filler is your best choice. Like other fillers Vollure has its place. With this said, while we may be in the double digits in FDA approved products in the US, we still have a long way to go. Keep in mind that England has over 200 fillers to choose from.

As we age, volume is lost in our face, thus increasing lines and wrinkles. When it comes to bone and fat loss this volume can be replaced by strategically placing fillers in these areas. Juvederm Vollure has been proven to softens lines and wrinkles around the mouth to help restore a youthful appearance lasting up to 18 months with optimal correction. This really raises the bar for the correction of this area. Vollure also utilizes Vycross technology like its siblings Volbella and Voluma. This allows it to provide a natural correction with less swelling (compared to traditional Juvederm Ultra and Ultra plus).making it ideal for correction of those subtle lines and folds. You may also like to know that this product is completely reversible since it contains hyaluronic acid, a chemical natural to our skin and body.

Don’t worry, there will still remain a role for Juvederm Ultra and Ultra Plus as these fillers attract more water and thus more swelling providing better correction of the deeper rhytids or increased augmentation for those who need more plump..

Here at Hamilton Facial Plastic Surgery, we have been impressed with the nice results Vollure has provided to date. We look forward to seeing its long lasting results as well as, looking forward to the possibility of using this filler in other locations such as the lips for a longer lasting correction.