Nonsurgical Chin Augmentation

As one ages the shape of the face changes in part due to bony resorption. Fillers can be used to address various symptoms of a complex aging process. One feature of nonsurgical interventions is that they can be done at various intervals across the time continuum, as one continues to change with aging. They wear off gradually over time and can be adjusted and tailored to fit one’s unique aging needs.

The face can be thought of horizontally in three main areas: the upper half of the face, middle, and lower. To focus on the lower half of the face, an important area to assess is the chin. Chins provide facial harmony, balance with other structures such as the nose, definition to the neck and jawline, signifies strength and add shape to the face.

Chin Implant Before and After Pictures Indianapolis, IN

A weak chin can be rejuvenated with fillers and Botox. Dermal fillers mimic bone and fat, and can be used to build a custom, temporary chin implant. The product is typically injected on top of bone to add downward and outward projection to the chin. Different types of dermal fillers, some more or less firm can be injected into layers of the skin to provide smooth transitions and contouring to the lower half of the face.

An overactive, or hyperdynamic mentalis muscle can be injected with Botox which helps to lower a recessed chin and provide a smoothing effect to the surface of the skin. Relaxing an overactive chin muscle helps to alleviate a cobblestone appearance of the chin as well as prevents the appearance of a horizontal wrinkle above the chin and below the lower lip called the mental crease.

There are several dermal fillers best suited for creating more downward and outward projection of the chin. They are firmest in consistency, best at lifting, and include: Radiesse, Voluma, Restylane Lyft, and Juvederm Ultra Plus. Juvederm Voluma even has a new clinical indication specifically for chin augmentation.

Sometimes patients present for a chin augmentation in an effort to disguise fullness in the neck. Adding volume to a recessed chin can help improve definition to the neck and jawline and help reduce the appearance of a full or double chin due to a small chin bone. Additional nonsurgical treatment options include Kybella and Cool sculpting, to take away sub mental fullness due to excess fat.

Our goal is for you to have the best possible outcomes, and to enjoy the benefits of nonsurgical chin augmentation. We would enjoy working with you to help you look and feel your best.

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