Are chemical peels still used today?

Are chemical peels still used today? You don’t hear much about them anymore. What are they good for treating and are other things like injectables fillers better?

Although chemical peels do not get the same press as newer cosmetic treatments such as lasers and Injectable fillers, they are a proven technique. Chemical peels provide different degrees of skin resurfacing depending on their depth. Superficial peels can be used to “freshen up” the skin with minimal downtime. Medium depth peels can provide more results, such as getting rid of brown spots and improving skin texture. With better skin improvement comes more down time, up to a week. Deeper peels have become much less commonly used, mostly because of unpredictabilaty, which is an issue for all peels. With the increased risks of deep chemical peels, most have felt other options, such as CO2 laer, provide a more consistent and thus safe option.

Chemical peels are still a very cost effective way for skin rejuvenation. Selecting the right option begins with a consultation with your facial plastic surgeon.