Plastic Surgery Financing

Hamilton Facial Plastic Surgery takes tremendous pride in working with you to help you obtain the appearance you desire. We are honored to travel along with you on your journey of self-improvement that will ultimately leave you a more fulfilled person with enhanced self-esteem.

We realize that paying for your procedure may prove difficult. For this reason, Hamilton Facial Plastic Surgery can help finance the expenses of your procedure using CareCredit®. Please contact our office today if you should have any questions at all regarding financing.

Hamilton Facial Plastic Surgery CareCredit® Financing

CareCredit® involves the use of a credit card to help you deal with the out-of-pocket expenses of health care and beauty treatments. Your card will be set up using monthly payment options that are convenient and without up-front costs or pre-payment penalties.

You will enjoy low monthly payments under CareCredit® and your card may be used multiple times. You may use it to pay for everything from follow-up visits to additional procedures. Using CareCredit® means that you will not have to put off that procedure you desire. It will no longer be an issue as to when you will have enough money. By using your card, you will decide when the time is right for your procedure.

CareCredit® Benefits Include:

  • Low-interest rates that are based upon your credit score.
  • Can be used for multiple health care providers.
  • No annual fee.
  • Easy application process and quick approval times.

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