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Everything You Need to Know About Botox in Indianapolis, IN

What is Botox®?

Botox®, or onabotulinumtoxin type A, is not actually botulism (a type of food poisoning caused by a specific bacteria), and it is definitely not infectious. Botox®, is a chemical secreted by bacteria that is FDA-approved for many reasons, the most popular of which is reducing facial wrinkles.  

Although many would argue that Botox® is magic in a bottle, it does not actually remove wrinkles. Patients do enjoy a more youthful appearance because of the way Botox® temporarily relaxes facial muscles. This means that by injecting Botox® into a problem area, usually between the brows, crow’s feet or forehead, one may no longer be able to make the facial movements necessary to cause the troublesome wrinkles.

Botox® works best on these specific types of wrinkles caused by facial movement. You may hear them referred to as dynamic wrinkles or superficial wrinkles.

How Much Does Botox® Cost in Indianapolis, IN?

The cost of your Botox® treatment will vary, depending on your individual aesthetic goals and the number of treatments required to reach those goals. During your consultation, Dr. Hamilton will be able to give you the exact price for your treatment, as well as create a personalized treatment plan. We also offer financing options, including CareCredit® and Prosper(™) Healthcare Lending, as well as major credit cards and cash.

Does Botox® Hurt?

This question comes up a lot…after all we are talking about needles. The truth is, Botox® injections are completely tolerable. The needles used for administering Botox® are very small, and most people only feel something like a small pinprick. Even if a pinprick is too much to handle, your doctor, nurse injector, or aesthetician may apply a numbing cream or ice the area prior to treatment so that you are more comfortable.

Who is a Good Candidate for Botox®?

While Botox® is FDA-approved for use by men and women 18 years and older, most people begin Botox® treatments in their 30s. There is, however, a growing trend called “preventative Botox®” where people begin injections as early as their 20s to stave off the dreaded wrinkle.  

Does Preventative Botox® Really Work?

Since wrinkles are caused by repetitive movement of facial muscles (squinting, laughing, frowning, etc.) it would make sense that lessening these movements would ultimately lead to fewer wrinkles, or at the very least, lessen their severity.  

Left alone, wrinkles will only get deeper and more permanent over time. As we age, our skin loses elasticity, so wrinkles may be visible even when the muscles are relaxed. Once this happens, Botox® is much less effective at solving the problem. It may soften the appearance of wrinkles; however, often times alternative treatments such as dermal fillers (Juvederm®, Restylane®, etc.) may be needed to achieve the desired look.

How Long Does Botox® Last?

Typically, Botox® treatments last 3-4 months, but the duration may increase over time with regular treatments.  

Ready to give it a try?

You can schedule a consultation with Dr. Hamilton, our nurse injectors, or one of our aestheticians to discuss what treatment would work best for you. Please contact us today to get started on your facial cosmetic journey.